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95.000 €


All the houses are finished with materials of the first quality, marble floors of Antas and platform C 4, smooth walls in cream color and detail in the ceiling in smooth with flat molding in plaster. Provided with pre-installation for air conditioning ducts, Ferrolí boiler for heating installed in all rooms and sanitary water, the enclosures are anodized aluminum type with thermal break and double glass (6 + 4 + 6 mm) with Gas argon throughout the perimeter of the building is provided with double brick chamber and lined with rock wool keeping the stay more comfortable. Has video intercom. The common areas have marble floors with inserts of hydraulic floor, smooth walls finish, staircase marble finishes of Antas and forging railing in black. The façade has been finished according to the norm as it is part of the historic set of the church square, finished monochrome cream colored plaster, maintaining the homogeneity with the square.

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